Cam Kuzik-V2

Vic LeBouthillier

Vic began his career in designing and building custom fireplaces for 8 years in British Columbia, Canada. He then moved into designing and renovation of building exteriors, in the process gaining an appreciation of the various effects stone, brick, metal, glass, and timber can have on the aesthetics of a building’s curb appeal. He now focuses on interior aesthetics and how furnishings and art pieces can be made to create a positive impact on its occupants and visitors.
Vic is the chief designer for New York Timber. He aims to integrate the nature we see through our windows into our homes. “Considering that we spend more time in our homes and workplace than anywhere else,” he posits, “why not make our surroundings evoke positive emotions in us by creating a mood of cosiness, conviviality, wellness, and contentment?”

Cam Kuzik

Cam’s passion for nature inspires him in each project his hands touch. To put it in his own words, “Perhaps the most beautiful colors and shapes can be found in nature: moving water grinding a rock and exposing its internal colors, and the multiple greens that are in evidence throughout nature.” Over the years, Cam has been collecting wood and rocks from the forest and incorporating them into artistic pieces that today form a significant contribution to the New York Timber creative team.

Fernando Gonzalez Romero

After graduating with a degree in industrial design from the prestigious University of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Fernando was drawn to crafting unique hand-built furnishing. Since joining the New York Timber team, he has helped clients create on paper the exact piece they imagine – before it is built – by bringing it live through 3D cad drawings. He has a strong conviction that furnishing must be crafted in proportion to other items in the room, and that it must match its textures and harmonize with its colors. He believes that, when this synthesis is created, a kind of magic happens.