New York Timbers was established with a threefold vision:

TO MAKE AFFORDABLE ARTISTIC FURNISHINGS: Because modern, artistic furnishings are often too expensive, largely restricted to commercial settings, and beyond the reach of ordinary people, we aim to make them more affordable through a buy direct model.

TO SUPPORT MARGINALIZED PEOPLE: All our profits are geared toward supporting marginalized people confronting mental health problems through our residential Alive for Wellness program. ( As things stand, a majority of North Americans experiencing depression, anxiety, and PTST have no support system to fall back on, and we are committed to doing our bit for this neglected section of the population.

TO PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: As far as possible, we rely on reclaimed, deadfall or forest firewood to create unique artistic furnishings. To date, only 6% of our products have come from new-cut timbers, and it will be our earnest endeavour to eliminate this source altogether as we increase our skills to search out these materials.

Our men searching for fallen timber


Forest we harvest from